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Are you feeling alone and isolated or exhausted
by the demands of motherhood?

who doesn’t?

Are you ready to STOP beating yourself up
and feeling like a “crappy mom”?

yes, please! 

What if you could become the inspirational leader of your family, nurturing the spirit of yourself and your kiddos?


Your investment is only about $1/day

YES, Count me in!

  • Membership, Community, Sisterhood & Support

  • (All for less than $1/day)
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  • 12 Magical Months of Membership, Community,

  • Sisterhood & Support
  • (receive two months free!)

The Mama Truth Circle is a Complete Solution to Become an Awakened,
Empowered, Conscious, Joyful Mom!

(Your kiddos are going to love seeing you so happy!)

baby-picMom to Mom, I feel you. I hear you. I’m a working mama of 2 firecracker girls and I’ve worked with so many amazing moms over the past 16+ years as a life coach, author and workshop leader. I know how easy it is for our self-care to always end up last on the list. (Heck, self-care? How about just having time to change the shirt your little one spit up on two days ago? Or doing drop off in something other than your PJs?) I know what it’s like to feel you’re suffocating under the never-ending list of to-dos, to feel like you might snap at any moment under the pressure, and most, importantly to feel like you’re missing the magic and miracle of motherhood (dang those years go by fast, don’t they?).

That’s exactly why I created the Mama Truth Circle.

Moms shouldn’t do motherhood alone.

At Mama Truth Circle you have permission to tell the truth (we know there’s more to the story than those happy, smiling, all-is-well pics on Facebook!). You have permission to take divine care of yourself (it’s not a selfish act, Mama, it’s a necessary act to be the best mom you can be!), and you absolutely have permission to stop shouldering it all alone (where did we get the insane idea we can do motherhood in isolation?). Let’s band together as “sister mamas” and create a container of support.

We will connect in bi-monthly truth-telling circles with other like-minded conscious moms who love to laugh, have a dash of irreverence, and know motherhood is the ultimate catalyst for personal and spiritual growth.

When you join Mama Truth Circle you will

Be welcomed into a loving, non-judgemental space with like-minded and like-hearted moms who are going through the same magic and mess that you’re going through.

Transform your relationship with yourself so you treat your self-care as sacred, not selfish.

Create a more authentic connection with your children by being truly present with yourself AND with them.

Model self-love and self-compassion so your kids become more loving and compassionate with themselves, you and the world.

Have a circle of moms that care deeply about your children. Your child becomes “our child.”

And ultimately, become the mom you were born to be

The Mama Truth Circle is a virtual mom’s group on
2 shots of espresso and it includes:

Bi-Monthly Facilitated Truth Telling Circles

so you feel sisterhood, support and unconditional love. Your children become OUR children. No more loneliness & isolation!

Mama Truth Foundation Jumpstart

A simple, powerful mini-course to immerse you in the Mama Truth World and Amplify your Sacred Self-Care So You Feel Better Instantly

Monthly Mama Mission

A Simple Monthly Theme & Focus to infuse your family with intention and consciousness. Just image how joyful it will be for your family to focus on ONE SPIRITUAL FOCUS each month. More soulful connection to yourself and your kids that you can easily integrate into your busy life.

Monthly Juicy Journaling Inquiry

to help you embrace the magic of motherhood and go deeper with our theme. In community, we will explore Mama Mission themes like gratitude, forgiveness, acknowledgment. This is radical, sacred self-care!

Private Online Community

to deepen the sisterhood and truth telling. It’s 3am and you’re a wreck, jump onto our online community and feel your sisters lift you up (and your stress level drop!).

TOTAL VALUE: Over $500/month!

In the past, I’ve charged anywhere from $297 to $1997 for my online courses like Find Your Calling, Inner Mean Girl Reform School and Visionary Ignition Switch. And those courses lasted only a few weeks. But I wanted to do something outrageous for Mama Truth Circle.
I want it to be accessible to every mom that wants it.

Your investment is only about $1/day

YES, Count me in!

  • Membership, Community, Sisterhood & Support

  • (All for less than $1/day)
  • yearly-370-big
  • 12 Magical Months of Membership, Community,

  • Sisterhood & Support
  • (receive two months free!)

FILL YOUR CUP (& Let It Runneth Over!)
in less than 20 minutes a week!

I know you’re already overscheduled with car pool, play dates, soccer practice, swim meets, PTA meetings, band rehearsals, ballet lessons, homework, you name it. I know. I feel you, Mama.

That’s why I designed Mama Truth Circle to fit and integrate into your filled-to-the-brim life. Each week you’ll get a short, simple email with inspiration for the week like a 2 minute video, journal prompt, practice to do with your family or an invitation to an interactive call.

At the center of the circle, is our twice per month opportunity to circle up on our facilitated truth telling video calls where you’ll be put in small groups to share your truth, be seen and heard, and witness other moms. You’ll get to share the magic and the mess and explore the paradox of motherhood. You’ll feel a sense of community and sisterhood like never before.

Guess What?

Your Kids NEED YOU to Be Well.

They Will Thank You For Modeling and Taking Divine Care of Yourself. You’ll Be A More Present & Loving Mama, Wife, Worker, Sister, Friend… Woman!

Special bonuses when you join today!

Mama Truth Meditations Power Pack

Short 5-Minute visualizations utilizing binaural beats brainwave technology to help you relax, get centered and feel present in a flash.

Mama Truth Show Expert Access

Access to submit questions for each month’s Mama Truth Show guests

Radical Resources

an ever-expanding library of audios, books and more in service you being the mom you were born to be

Special Members-Only Discounts

for workshops, online classes and more!

Bonuses worth over $360 – Yours FREE!

Count me in & save big!

  • Membership, Community, Sisterhood & Support

  • (All for less than $1/day)
  • yearly-370-big
  • 12 Magical Months of Membership, Community,

  • Sisterhood & Support
  • (receive two months free!)


Great idea! I can’t think of a gift more worthy of giving. I mean, come on, why do we only give adorable baby clothes and ridiculously expensive strollers at baby showers when what moms really need is a place to gather with other mamas, speak their truth and feel seen and understood? The Mama Truth Circle is the perfect gift no matter how old your mama friend’s babies are.

Gift a quarterly Mama Truth subscription now for only $77!

Participate in the Mama Truth Circle for
3 Whole Months

I believe in the power of the circle and how much this community will create goodness in your life and your family’s life.

So much so, that I guarantee it!

Participate fully in the circle for 3 months by attending at least one of the virtual circle calls each month, completing the jumpstart course and posting in the community site. When you lean in and participate the magic will unfold.

If you participate and still don’t feel like Mama Truth Circle is helping you feel supported, seen and held, simply contact us and we’ll cancel and refund your membership fee.

That’s how confident I am that our circle will fill you up, Mama!

Fair enough?

Get Started by Clicking the COUNT ME IN Button Now!

Nice things people are saying about Amy and
the Mama Truth Experience

“I came back to my center…Amy is amazing!”

Natasha Khazanov

“Amy Ahlers is an exceptional mom, wife, daughter, friend, leader, visionary, author and one of those rare real deal people who consistently show up for life, love and people with all the heart and spirit in the world. She’s a quantum thinker and full of practical wisdom and joyfull solutions for actual life living—and as she says; the messy and the magic.”

SARK, author/artist PlanetSARK.com

“Amy is a master facilitator. I reconnected to what really matters to me…I recommend this for any mom that feels there so much more she could be doing for herself.”

Jill Wesley

“I learned that I am NOT alone.”

Carmelita Lara Jimenez

“Amy is like having the World’s Most Truthful Cheerleader on your side during the Big Game of your life. She is supportive, practical, and relentlessly optimistic.”

Samantha Bennett, Author Get It Done

“I learned how to access my Inner Wisdom.”

Aubrey Harmon

Can we talk about the Loneliness for a Moment?

I know that sometimes being a mom is the loneliest job on the planet. I know there were days when I felt as if I’d forgotten how to actually hold an adult conversation. What feels worse than feeling like you’re dying inside while being surrounded by children screaming and laughing as they chase bubbles and butterflies? Or when your tween asks you about making out with boys as you drop her off at school… right before you head into work for an important presentation, feeling isolated, preoccupied and worried?

It ain’t no joke, this motherhood thing. And when we realize that loneliness impacts our health (it’s true–studies have shown how chronic loneliness and isolation is a serious health risk, more harmful than smoking, obesity, and lack of physical activity), it’s a wake-up call, mamas.

Isn’t it time to make finding a community and tribe a top priority?

It takes a village to raise a child,
and it takes a circle to support a mom.

The Mama Truths

We believe:

Our children are our greatest teachers and motherhood is a catalyst for profound spiritual and personal growth.

Our children chose us to be their mamas, and we chose our children to be our kiddos.

Practicing self-care is vital to our own well-being and our children’s well-being.

Motherhood is full of paradoxes, messiness and magic.

Screwing up royally and failing is an inevitable part of motherhood.

What we DO is waaaaay more important than what we SAY.

Raising children that are kind and respectful to themselves and others is everything.

Our children are at the center of our lives but aren’t our entire life.

Our Inner Wisdom must guide our parenting choices.

Telling the TRUTH about the full spectrum of motherhood allows us to be better mamas.

If this sounds like you,
Mama Truth Circle is for you!

Your Tribe Is Waiting For You.
You Belong Here.

Imagine Being Seen, Heard & Unconditionally Accepted By Other Moms Who Know How You Feel.

About Mama Truth Circle Creator, Amy Ahlers

My name is Amy Ahlers and I’m mom to 9 year old, Annabella, and 2 year old, Evie Rose. My girls are strong-willed, exquisite, smart, hilarious handfuls. I’m married to Rob, my sweetheart of a husband who spends his time banging on drums and tickling the ivories. (Oh, and I’m still crazy about him 17 years later. Thank Goodness!). I also run a visionary coaching and speaking business I adore and am known as The Wake-Up Call Coach. I’ve written two bestselling books, Reform Your Inner Mean Girl (Beyond Words, 2015) and Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves (New World Library, 2011) which are love letters filled with superpower tools to help women stop self-bullying. I’ve co-created lots of celebrated online courses such as Find Your Calling with Lissa Rankin & Martha Beck, Inner Mean Girl Reform School with Christine Arylo, Magical Manifestation Method with SARK and Dr. John Waddell and Visionary Ignition Switch with Lissa Rankin.

I believe that the keys to motherhood sanity are radial self-care and having a sacred sisterhood where you can be 100% you.

I LOVE being a mom (except when I don’t). I confess that some days I dream of running away to Paris…I’ve been known to text my husband on the days when life is a shitshow telling him “I’m thinking of running away to Paris—I’m considering inviting you and the kids.” (to which he usually responds simply, “oui oui.”)

Most mornings you’ll find me with a green smoothie in one hand and an iced americano in the other, doing a dance party with my girls and a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. I love a good glass of oaky, buttery chardonnay or a dirty vodka martini on girls night out (or “moms gone mild” as my hubby calls it.) I meditate every day (some days all I can squeeze in is three deep breaths with my hand on my heart and a 2 year old in my lap, other days I create the space to sink into a 30-minute guided meditation) and I view motherhood as a spiritual practice.

The name Mama TruthⓇ came to me during a 4am nursing session with Evie Rose. My nipples were cracked and sore (I had the privilege of having nipple vasospasms which meant breastfeeding was like a horror show for about 6 weeks), I had stitches where the sun don’t shine, and yet holding my long-awaited second baby in my arms felt like the biggest miracle of all. The paradox was so eff’ing real and primal and confusing and I wanted to share and shout and dance party it all out.

The truth is when we become a mom every. single. thing. changes. Moms often tell me it feels they’re hit by a mac truck filled with anxiety and worry, suffocating under the weight of isolation, feeling pulled in a million different directions. And then they have this love, oh the miraculous love for our kids which is all encompassing. How’s that for confusing?!

Motherhood is being our best self and our worst self all at once, with little faces and bright eyes witnessing our every move.

Being with other moms where I could talk about what was REALLY going on saved me and has saved so many moms I know and adore. That’s what led me to create the Mama Truth Circle.

It would be my honor to welcome you into our tribe. Us mamas gotta stick together.

with unstoppable enthusiasm and great love,


P.S. The quickest way to ensure you’re not missing out on the magic is to stop resisting the mess and tell the truth about the whole picture. I’d love to provide a sacred space for you to do just that (while gifting you with simple, transformational tools and practices along the way).

Join us.

YES, Count Me In!

  • Membership, Community, Sisterhood & Support

  • (All for less than $1/day)
  • yearly-370-big
  • 12 Magical Months of Membership, Community,

  • Sisterhood & Support
  • (receive two months free!)

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