The meditations below are short, inspiring meditations to help you reset your energy, connect in with your Inner Wisdom, and immerse you in gratitude. In the background, on very low volume, are binaural beats which use frequencies in each ear to help your brain achieve a meditative state quickly and easily. You can read more about “brainwave entrainment” and how this all works in this article here.

Please listen on headphones with your eyes closed in order to allow the entrainment to work. It goes without saying, but these are not to be listened to while driving a car or flying a helicopter. 🙂

Mama Morning Meditation
Mama Afternoon Pick Me Up Meditation
Mama End Your Day with Joy Meditation

3 Part Video Series on Self-Care

The following are bonus resources for you from the initial Mama Truth Circle launch. These videos are powerful reminders of how to create a self-care system, create time for your self-care system and how the power of the tribe will help hold you accountable for you taking care of the most important person in your life….YOU!

Video #1: Create Your Sacred Self-Care System

Download Amy’s Sacred Self-Care for Moms eBook HERE

Video #2: Create Space for your Self-Care

Video #3: The #1 Thing that Helps Self-Care Stick

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